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The home packs classroom: The expert teachs you how emulsioni paint of choose an

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Person of give a lecture: General manager of 100 store of An Jujin the four seasons history eucalyptus inscription

Emulsioni paint already was used by more and more consumer. How qualification of choose and buy, healthy emulsioni paint is very important.

The first: The classification of emulsioni paint and characteristic

Guide: Emulsioni paint is one kind is medium with water, with acrylic ester kind the aqueous solution that wait is velar material, join the coating that a variety of auxiliary composition make, a kind be metope lacquer.

Classification: Can divide by use place for inside wall paint and outside wall paint, can divide by burnish wait for a few breed for low light, half light, Gao Guang. Among them, inside the content becoming film of wall emulsioni paint not dissolve at water, of film be able to bear or endure ability in swimming is tall, wet the mark does not leave after swabbing. And outside the basic function of wall emulsioni paint and inside wall emulsioni paint is about the same, but paint film is better, the capability that fight water is stronger, also can use the place that waits for tall moisture at closet.

Characteristic: (1) film is dry fast. When 25°C, the surface inside 30 minutes can dry, 120 minutes but completely dry.

(It is good that 2) protects smooth colour retention. Paint film is hard, exterior level off, impressions is comfortable.

(3) construction, modulation is convenient. The construction on the wet metope that can be over in new construction.

(4) safety is avirulent, do not pollute an environment. In the room construction with ventilated poor condition, also won't bring a harm to the worker.

(5) does not have fire hazard. Because coating is medium with water, do not have the risk that poses fire so.

(The metope after 6) is used is not easy and adsorptive dirt.

(Sex of 7) alkali resistance is good. Tuyu shows the wall of alkalescent new plasterer and ceiling and concrete metope, do not return stick, become angry not easily.

Dispel doubt: Can be the emulsioni paint of the wall used at outside inside wall? Conversely?

Answer: Outside the wall inside wall paintbrush, tell from environmental protection angle sure, and with inside wall paint besmears the wall outside brushing is not certain OK. Because internally for wall paint, it is right scrab resistance can the demand is high, and outside the wall also has water-resisting property can, wall paint can be used at beyond place inside wall. And outside an index with wall the mainest emulsioni paint is to fight ultraviolet illuminate, wall paint just is used at indoor metope stucco inside, paint of the wall outside defying ultraviolet ray asks to compare is low much, do not have fight bask in a function.

The 2nd: The choose and buy of emulsioni paint

Guide: As a whole, buy emulsioni paint to want to choose appropriate lacquer to plant according to his need, do not go after “ blindly advanced ” or it is covet petty gain, the stand or fall that should know coating is concerning the body and mind of habitant is healthy, should choose to accord with national level (the product of GB) . Additional, buy in brand shop or large store as far as possible.
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