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Estate term

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1, property right certificate: It is to point to “ building droit card ” and “ land access card ” .
2, use room: It is to point to the residence that invests build by country and state-owned company, institution, the government sells public housing of the dweller with hire standard of the regulation.
3, public house: Also weigh public housing, state-owned residence. Before the residence is unsold, home of property right homecoming is all. Can divide to can make work public housing is mixed cannot make work public housing.
4, cannot make work public house: Show according to this city active room changes policy to still cannot sell bear the public house that rents a dweller.
5, already bought public house: Call carry out hind public house again, it is bought public housing.
6, room of unit property right: Show property right belongs to an unit all buildings.
7, cheap rents a house: In new the national house that come on stage revises a kind of idea that advances first in policy.
8, confidential: Also say demesne the residence, private property residence. It is the house that buys by individual or family.
9, secondhand room: Namely old house. Newly-built commodity house makes “ skill ” is when trading for the first time, the 2nd trade to be “ secondhand ”
10, period room: Point to development business from obtain commodity house to open to booking licence to begin to come obtain estate authority card to produce card to stop greatly, the commodity house between this first phase calls by a definite date the room, consumer should be signed when this one phase buys commodity house open to booking a contract.
11, show a house: Show development business already managed appropriate estate authority card (produce evidence greatly) commodity house, consumer should be signed when this one phase buys commodity house sell a contract.
12, export room: Develop an enterprise to build by estate, acquired export goods house beforehand (annul) the building of carry out licence. Can sell domestic and international business, other organization and individual.
13, room of sale in domestic market: Develop an enterprise to build by estate, obtained commodity house to sell the house of licence, can offer place enterprise or business unit and dweller.
14, show a house definitely: Show building principal part seals a top basically already finishing, the process is being decorated in wall of inside and outside and have the house of phase of construction of form a complete set.
15, share house property jointly: Point to two or the person of two above, enjoy equal droit to sharing house property not to distribute portion land entirely.
16, mutual house property: Point to two or the person of two above is right same house property enjoys droit jointly.
17, end room: Call round off the room again, it is real estate is entered come loose the child of a retail times, it is one of empty buy room.
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