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Water bank green hill

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Project name is long embellish garden village (spread a name: Village of residence of water bank green hill)

Be located road of new north of county of positional close cloud with boreal Tan Xilu with on the west

Development company Beijing is long embellish estate develops limited company

Open to booking word of card of carry out of room of license number Beijing (2008)187 date

Beijing of the mechanism that send card builds council

The date that send card on May 24, 2008

Open to booking register put on record county of management department close cloud builds council

Number of license of construction project program 2006 compasses (close) build a word 0008

Land utility and residence of use fixed number of year: 70 years

Allow sale area (M2) 13525

Approval opens to booking place long embellish garden east area 19# commercial building (deduct a building and 5 unit 201 to 1101 buildings)