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Treasure grand edifice

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Edifice of grand of treasure of project name Beijing (spread a name: CUV international apartment)
Be located commerce of side of northwest of Lu Moliu bridge reachs the 3 annulus austral beautiful rural area of area of positional abundant stage on the west administration works
Estate of blue heart of dragon of treasure of development company Beijing develops limited company
Open to booking word of card of carry out of room of license number Beijing (2008)241 date
Beijing of the mechanism that send card builds council
The date that send card on June 27, 2008
Open to booking register put on record natural resources of land of area of stage of management department abundant and building management board
2007 compasses build number of license of construction project program word 0432
Land utility and office of use fixed number of year: 50 years; Commerce: 40 years
Allow sale area (M2) 58953.84
Approval opens to booking the part on place ground (the room that reachs 16 1 unit except 17)