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Jade Lang building

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Building of Lang of project name jade (spread a name: E area still builds multi-purpose building)

Be located the position on the west the city zone is restful in danger of ave official garden transforms Xiaoou E division on the west
Xidoude produces development company Beijing development limited company
Open to booking word of card of carry out of room of license number Beijing (2008)265 date
Beijing of the mechanism that send card builds council
The date that send card on July 10, 2008
Open to booking register put on record management department on the west management board of building of the city zone
2005 compasses build number of license of construction project program on the west word 0250
Land utility and use fixed number of year is integrated: 50 years, subterranean garage: 50 years
Allow sale area (M2) 17997.03
Approval opens to booking place E area to still build multi-purpose building (deduct B101 date building)