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Culmination poineering garden

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Poineering garden of project name culmination (spread a name: Shang Cheng)

Be located positional prosperous smooth area answers dragon to watch town history each village village (Beijing car is treated corrupt plot of A-1 of industry of center of project research production)

Science and technology of luck of culmination China of development company Beijing expands limited company

Open to booking word of card of carry out of room of license number Beijing (2008)277 date
Beijing of the mechanism that send card builds council

The date that send card on July 20, 2008

Open to booking register put on record smooth area of management department prosperous builds council

Number of license of construction project program 2008 compasses (prosperous) build a word 0039

Land utility and scientific research of use fixed number of year: 50 years

Allow sale area (M2) 96296.17

Approval opens to booking office building of place scientific research (deduct a 1 date building 101 reach 117, of 2 buildings 102 to 107, 110, 112 reach 115, of 9 buildings 101 to 117 buildings, entire building of 204 buildings of 4 buildings and underground)