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SOHO of 3 lis of collect

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Search of 3 lis of collect states project name center (promotion name: SOHO of 3 lis of collect)

Be located area of make down of danger of 3 lis of collect austral area of positional rising sun is connected be filled with plot of B of city of capital garden Paris

Open to booking word of card of carry out of room of license number Beijing (2008)272 date [examine open to booking licence picture]

Beijing of the mechanism that send card builds council

The date that send card on July 12, 2008

Open to booking register put on record management board of house of region of management department rising sun

2008 compasses build number of license of construction project program word 0147

Land utility and office of use fixed number of year: 5Garage of underground of 0 years of; : 5Commerce of underground of 0 years of; : 4Apartment of 0 years of; : 7Commerce of 0 years of; : 40 years

Allow sale area (M2) 414689.87

Approval opens to booking place 3 lis of collect search await building of central 1-5 date (deduct 4 buildings 5111 - 1, 5111 - 2) reach subterranean share (deduct - 101, - 102, - 201 ~ - 238, - 301 ~ - 312, -

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