Safety is more important than beauty 9 blunder decorate means by accident

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The bedroom decorates safety to often be ignored by people place, be absent by the wrong accident that decorates means place to cause actually a few. Say commonly, the following should notice in decorating a project:

One, need to notice building floor does not spread outfit marble entirely in domestic outfit. Marble wants tower above than the weight of floor brick and wooden floor a few times, if the ground spreads outfit marble entirely,make floor can'ts bear heavy burden likely. Especially 2 above, because without building safety the building of appraisal station appraisal is decorated, its ground decorates the weight of material to must not exceed square metre of 40 kilograms of / .
2, undertake the bedroom is decorated, must not go up in main wall at will the bilge, wall system that dismantles join balcony and door window and enlarge dimension of original door window to build door window additionally perhaps, this kind of practice can be caused local break mixes the building to affect aseismatic ability badly, shorten thereby building service life.
3, of the balcony, toilet decorate should choose the material with little load as far as possible, because the balcony is excessive,overload can produce capsize.
4, between lavatory bath waterproof also be a crucial link in decorating. Common practice is, decorating lavatory bath before, block a dwelling place up to leak first, put the water of 5 centimeters of above, have water pouring test, if slack, must redo is waterproof; If do not leak, also want floor of careful in construction laid, do not destroy waterproof layer and do sth without authorization to alter fluctuation water and central heating system.
5, decorate in the bedroom in for pursuit luxurious, full board is stuck on 4 walls, condole top sets on two three-layer stereo condole supports, this kind decorates a practice to cannot be taken. Because 4 walls stick full board, occupy a space bigger, the area of can contractible whole space, charge also is cost taller, go against fire prevention at the same time. Condole has carried small conference on the head to make whole room produces depressive move.
6, copper cash should be used when choosing electrical wiring, avoid uses aluminum steel. Because the electric performance of aluminum steel is poor, the electrical wiring in using is easy calorific, connect becomes loose to cause fire even. Still should notice to cannot be directly on wall in construction additionally chamfer buries electrical wiring, should use normal bushing installation, with avoiding leakage of electricity is mixed cause fire.
7, should notice to avoid to be on concrete round orifice plate in construction hole, punch a hole, condole hangs ceiling and installation art illumination luminaries.
8, the safe requirement that interior decoration wants to assure gas conduit and equipment, do not want do sth without authorization to tear open change cop, lest affect a system move normally. Should notice electric cop and equipment and gas cop level are apart from completely additionally must not be less than 10 centimeters, electrical wiring and gas canal across are apart from completely not less than 3 centimeters.
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