Guideline of buy course of study: Consumer buys a room to be able to be chopped

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The essence of sale bonus is significant, it is the sale outstanding achievement that obtains ideal through sale mode innovation and constrictive sale cost and yield benefit at consumer, the mutual influence as a result of estate value and consult revise price, development business is willing to put sale bonus into more the price is formed and impute to consumer, and took the kind of the brand, consumer is willing to buy however go up to be not bought drop.

The number that the sale bonus in real business includes qualitative abstraction and ration two chunk.

Mensurable if bring lease sale / affirmatory redound or the sale that secure redound / counter-purchase after carry out / add give a sale. Of these measure roll out, can increase price number only and won't depreciate, the product of substaintial content is invariant, but because sale operation lets invest a characteristic,be magnified indefinitely, the person that suffer is not little, and because of group effect, often present the aspect that Gao Kaigao takes, although be in present alleged estate winter, SOHO China still large area bumper harvest.

To residential business character, sale bonus does not have substantial meaning, should not be in business course the consideration, include about: Take lease to sell itself to do not have how old safeguard, because lease is put in timeliness and who is the accurate person selected that bury single person and goes up without legal meaning; Affirmatory redound or fixed redound sell the property of carry out, often be the new wine in old bottles carries considerably litre of its price, value is invariant, because buy the home to fall to regard its as investment in sale guiding,taste instead, and once redound cannot cash, everybody cannot guarantee the benefit of investor; And counter-purchase after carry out actual it is by development business holding time value and capital run again value, show plus inflation or prices whole go up the reason of situation, be equivalent to developing business to participate in consumer to be opposite with endowment of benefit share, what sold you to still help a family count money to say you is this manage; Add give a sale, be known according to me, developing business to revise price is to add necessarily plan add after giving cost and supplier gain, infiltrate its again house price, pay from consumer in resumptive.

Qualitative basically reflect at a few in season sell a site, adopt the form of member consumption or club, or the form sets an example between example, marry again grants consumer, include about whole house is sold between example / finished product room is sold / give functional space / of area service function door model the various mutation product below philosophical influence.

Member or the sale of formal traceable culture that the club consumes, as in recent years relatively numerous sale blocking type, panicky sex arises to buy after its practice forms group namely, this kind of panicky sex is bought do not come from at market product lack, come from at numerous consumer in short supply to some product or door model contention, produce sale extra dividend thereby and push went up house price; In the sale setting an example between example, be being sold valuably exclusively is true example, between the example on original meaning, because develop business to want to let,rise to set an example between example effect, with undertaking between example very contented the investment with high specified number, buy so that be worth, other after be like the sale between example, prepping according to again custom-built, this is actual it is to make an appointment sale, rise as a result of the quantity and take conventional character nature to develop business to won't resemble him investment to treat as undertake decorating between the example that set an example in that way with relevant configuration, sale of finished product room and this is similar, at least if intermediate supplier is decorated with material the profit of this two respects is OK managing come out; An inside and outside was made be compared in a lot of development business below structural adjusting control 1.5 reach above door model, consumer the first time contact this kind of product, feel redundant to so much space is bought be to one's profit, actually, the value that outdoors space can add when carry out area undertakes convert is based on to comprise when development business revises price, it is next in sale process, take this kind of product alone again undertake publicity business, attracted thereby buy the price contention between the home; And of area service function door model philosophy is the exact wording on sale schoolbook all the time, for instance 669 those who make the same score rice is small 3 rooms, if the 229 sheet of smooth rice cover a bedroom, these products actually apportion coefficient special big, decorate utilization rate 2 times too low, belong to blame commercialize a product, or character is policy sex product, unless link the investment at a sector of an area value is very great, buy according to market price case otherwise not be to one's profit.
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