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(one) mobile force

Good secondhand room intermediary, won't be the sort of love idle sits the person that drinks coffee, you must be an activity model character; There are vigor and hope in your footstep, and give a person a kind of “ I am very happy, because I am very busy the feeling of ” .
(2) assiduous

Do everything, be in especially secondhand in room intermediary domain, a person has a minute of effort to can one divide results. Want to become outstanding clerk, must work conscientiously. But this is not to mean should invest more than others time, say exactly, it is to express to want to handle significant work organization of habit, time, plan with day-to-day work, such ability can make you do more businesses in same time.

(3) absorption

90 minutes of height the absorption, time that did not disturb, meeting comparing has productivity more along with the work that begin all day long. People is wasted everyday in not matter the time in the activity, likelihood of hour of know exactly about sth. If, you everyday can be apt to adds a hour when use previous waste to drop, meet many one year 365 hours, or 45 additional man-day. Change character, if you can be centered absorption, do not chat time waste in expatiatory phone, in amorphous job, you can improve your productivity greatly.

(4) show sympathy

You want to be able to set body place ground to be others consider. Although want what understand others exactly to experience,be impossible, but you still must try often hard.

(5) courage

Courage gives you the job that special force goes to handling unpleasantness. Courage makes you active active, defeat and castiron, be defeated and do not putrid. When you err, can be without evasive ground to accept censure; But the place that should manage, you also are met basis truth, do his utmost to argue. Courage is make a decision, enterprising, long-suffering. Each truly successful bagman, one choose a site for the capital is a gutty person.

(6) consideration

You must show loving care for other, your job and yourself. As a result of your consideration, you can be happy to be your company and your client, give the greatest effort. You care the word of other, you can long to help people, at the same time you also can be happy to praise other, if have criticism,be constructive, of enthusiasm. You show loving care for yourself, be opposite consequently oneself are the most faithful, also endeavor to maintain the level of ego set.

(7) plan

The success of everything, won't abiogenesis, it must have good plan. The hope in your life and ideal mean the word of implementation, have to first set target. Your target must look of convenient, look, and, the tentative idea is considerate. Although a person accumulated a good deal of fortune, but destroyed domestic concern however, and hurt health, essential cannot of character to succeed. Accordingly, as a bagman, you must plan somewhat to your life domain. You can depend on along with following the life that 5 measure plan you:
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